Monday, March 26, 2012

Crew's Debut!

Check out that belly. This is about 2 hours before we met our new little guy! The day before, we had found out that my blood pressure was really high again so Dr. Sanders asked me if I was ready to have a baby the following day. I said yes and things moved fast from there.

The next morning, we got kendra off to preschool and headed to the hospital. I was prepped for surgery and about 1-1/2 later was wheeled down to the OR for a spinal block.

When I was good and numb, Nick met up with us and this time around got to peek over the curtain to check things out. They gave me a play-by-play until finally I heard "the cry!" There is nothing like that moment:) He screamed the entire time they cleaned him up until they brought him over to me. I started talking to him and he got really quiet and still.

Big sister Kendra was so happy to finally see this baby we've been talking about for a REALLY long time. She held him so gently, touching his skin and hair and telling us how soft he was.

Kendra & Grandma checking him out. She couldn't quit kissing him!

Our new baby boy with his proud daddy! 7 lbs 11 oz & 19~1/2". He was still un-named at this point.

Our first family picture!

All the excitement tuckered Nick right out:)
I couldn't stop looking at him. I wondered for 9 months how we could love another baby like we love took one second and we were smitten!
Nick had a hard time putting him down. A few times the nurses came in to find the baby and he was snuggled up with Nick on his little bed:)
Coming to visit on day #2. Kendra hung out with us at the hospital for awhile, getting some extra snuggle time with her new baby brother. Also, took her socks off and put on a puppet show for the people walking by our door.

Finally going home. He loved the carseat -- NOT! Oh and we finally named him too -- Crew Nicholas Schofield:)

Cousin Jaxon was so excited to hold him!

I think there's only one word to describe this.....PRICELESS:)

It's hard to believe that he's finally here. I'm a little overwhelmed when I think about how blessed we are that he made it and he's safe and absolutely perfect. Now if time would just slow down a little bit. If I could just freeze this moment in my life where Kendra is 4-1/2 and Crew is 5 days old. I know every day they grow and it's my job to teach and nurture them but I wish it didn't have to fly by so fast.

To my little Crew, I love you. I'm so excited to be your mom and watch you grow. I'm especially glad that you're part of our family and happy that you picked us. You have the most amazing daddy who cannot wait to take you fishing and the best big sister you could ask for. You are loved:)
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Rachel said...

He is sooooooo handsome! I really can't wait to get my hands on him...those cheeks!! He is such a mini Nick. And I agree...there's nothing like hearing your baby for the first time (especially when you don't get to hold them right away because your arms are strapped down).

Nat Lud said...

What a sweet post! He is a lucky little fella!

The Lawn Ranger's Woman said...

Don't forget about the AMAZING mom :) I LOVE him and his soft cheeks and the way he calms you when you hold him....he's perfect!

Robyn said...

Awesome! So excited to meet him!

Lins said...

Well, you made me cry. I am so happy for your sweet little family. He is absolutely adorable!

Steph said...

He is so beautiful. I can't wait to hug and squeeze him. As soon as my kids quite getting sick we will be on our way! Love you you guys.

Josi said...

You made me cry with this sweet welcome letter to your new little guy. What a lucky boy he is. I'm so glad things went well, we've been praying for you guys and hope the settling in goes well for all of you. Love you guys.

Jeep and Nisha's Family said...

I know I'm behind on the times, but I wanted to congratulate your cute family. What a handsome guy you got, and this is such a sweet post - thanks for sharing. Hope things are going well :)